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Eurocomach 14SR
"short rack"

The compact rear 14SR has a short rear overhang and is incredibly stable thanks to its adjustable chassis.
The undercarriage and the blade can be extended from 790 mm to 1050 mm. On the one hand, this enables the machine to pass through narrow passages, and on the other hand, the extended undercarriage offers even greater stability.

Price:        119 € / day

Technische Daten

✔ Mini excavator Eurocomach 14SR incl. Spoon pack (3x shovels) and Schnappmatic quick coupler.

✔ The mini excavator is ideal for working on the house and in the garden. 

✔ The operation of the mini excavator is child's play after a short instruction and a familiarization period.

✔ Our machines are new, no worn out bearings, no dripping hydraulic hoses.

✔ The latest engine technology reduces emissions of fine dust and nitrogen oxides to almost zero.

✔ All machines are regularly serviced to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

✔ You can rent a construction machine trailer from us at low prices to collect the excavator. 

✔ If desired, the excavator can be delivered the day before so that you can start immediately the next day. *


* Note:  

  • The daily rental price is based on 8 hours of operation. Each additional hour is charged at € 25. There is no remuneration for less hours.  

  • If delivery is requested, they mean the rental price plus the transport costs incurred (€ 0.80 per kilometer).

  • If the transport trailer is used, a one-time rental fee of € 15 will be charged.

* Achtung! 

  • Der Gabelstapler darf ausschließlich auf dem Privat- und Betriebsgelände geführt werden


Why not book with a driver right away? We would be happy to do the work for you or support you in the development and implementation of your project. 

For only 25 € / hour . you can relax and direct with a cup of coffee or, ideally, control the mini dumper with a capacity of 0.5 t easily and effortlessly, for example to clear the excavated earth and thus save time and money.

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